Hannover | Trammplatz

Hannover Trammplatz

Before it was redesigned as the square in front of the town hall in Hanover, Trammplatz was strongly in need of repair. Based on an idea developed by urban planner Thomas Göbel-Gross, landscape architect Kamel Louafi developed a striking, floral design for the town square, which is in itself unique in the urban context and enhances the quality of the public space in a highly innovative way. Trammplatz forms the link between Friedrichswall (a main road through the centre of Hanover), the city centre and the new town hall and the surrounding park, the striking natural cobblestone floral pattern giving rise to an unforgettable atmosphere in the “City of Gardens”.

The town hall received a new lighting scheme in 2007, after which the city decided that the lighting on Trammplatz also required redesigning. The eight-metre high light poles along Friedrichswall are made of metal, but in no way impair the view of the town hall from the city centre. For technical reasons, the lower two-metre long section of the pole is closed. This elegantly gives way to a further two-metre long pipe segment that houses the six LED boards. The slimline light poles provide the lighting for the square as well as standard-compliant road lighting for Friedrichswall.

The seating units aligned on the steps along the sides of Trammplatz are illuminated from below, subtly tracing the edges of the square after dark. The historic candelabra positioned directly in front of the town hall have been retrofitted using warm white LED sources to increase the luminous intensity, whereby the town hall and the decorative forecourt blend to create a harmonious and elegant ensemble.

Project data

Client: City of Hanover, Building Dept.
Architect 1 – preliminary design for square and surrounding area: City of Hanover, Town Planning & Development,
urban planner Thomas Göbel-Gross  
Architect 2 – preliminary design for square: Landscape architect Kamel Louafi, Berlin
Architect for overall design concept: Landscape architect Kamel Louafi, Berlin
Execution planning: Landscape architect Kamel Louafi, Berlin
Project management: City of Hanover, Civil Engineering Dept.
Artistic direction: Landscape architect Kamel Louafi, Berlin
Urban lighting: City of Hanover, Civil Engineering, Heike Vespermann
Realisation: 2014 – 2015
Investitionsvolumen: approx. 3 Mio. €
Surface area: approx. 7.500 m²
Building contractor: Strabag
Installation of the lighting: Enercity, headed by Jörg Bressem and Thomas Hoffmann
Project partners: VEXO, LED-Linear
Photos: Dirk-Andre Betz

Project photos | Hannover - Trammplatz

Hannover Trammplatz
Hannover - Trammplatz
Hannover - Trammplatz
Hannover - Trammplatz
Hannover - Trammplatz